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Unnatural Podcast

Nov 26, 2020

Sailors have observed ships flying across the horizon for centuries. What seemingly unnatural phenomena could be causing this? A type of mirage that you’ve probably not heard of before that can make some of the most interesting illusions out there. Enjoy the podcast!

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Nov 19, 2020

Ever wonder what goes into making the perfumes people wear? It’s pretty amazing what strange, unique, and unexpected ingredients there are out there. Join Ben and Steve as they sniff their way from one ingredient to the next. Enjoy the podcast!

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Nov 12, 2020

Ready to be grossed out? In this weeks episode the boys head straight underground to take a good long look at what’s going on in the sewers. Turns out people are flushing more than you would expect and its created massive problems for waste management facilities all across the globe. Enjoy this stinky episode!

Nov 5, 2020

Claimed to be the best tasting coffee you could ever drink, Civet coffee is also one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Butt wait until you learn about its origin. Listen as Ben and Steve debate how good this coffee really is and if it’s worth the amazingly high price.

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